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Hexadecimal Color Charts - RGB Color Charts - Web Safe Colors

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Web-Safe Color Charts in Hexadecimal and RGB format.
There's nothing more important to a designer then creating a stunning website that the colors dazzle the visitors and the client, but designers must also worry about being cross platform compatible so that the same website looks identical across all browsers or monitors.

It's no secret that Mac computers display colors darker then that of a Windows Operating system, but using RGB or Hexadecimal colors will correct this imparity.

By using RGB and Hexadecimal colors your being web savvy, and you're insuring your images or creations will be correctly displayed on either a MAC or Windows machines.

Why are these charts handy?
We'll for starters they can be used in such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, Flash MX, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact, and other programs.

You can use these incredibly helpful online color charts to help you select eye-stopping color schemes. Also by choosing RGB or Hexadecimal colors such as monochromatic to metallic or even soft pastel colors that are sure to be stunning to the viewer but fast loading as well.

This benefits you and the user visiting your site, the user may be on a modem or even a slow DSL connection.

You benefit on bandwidth expenses that could run you hundreds of dollars, especially if your one of those users who is addicted to a lot of graphics or intense animated images, as each time a user requests your website - it has to download these images to the users browser and if the images or heavy and intense in color, it makes all the more work for the user and web server who has to serve the graphics each time the page is loaded.

Don't Use Images for Tables or Cell backgrounds!
Why use images for your table or cell backgrounds, to achieve your goal when you can use RGB, or Hexadecimal colors to accomplish the same effects!

When selecting an RGB or Hexadecimal color, you can drastically reduce the page size and page speed, by what we call optimizing and removing those Table or Cell Background images with web safe colors that will benefit you and your visitors.

The hexadecimal charts demonstrate that equal amounts of number variations to generate each color and what variation it uses to create each color.

The RGB charts use three different arrangements, by setting the R-G-B combinations you can achieve the same effects using the hexadecimal but keeping it monochrome specific.

How to Apply HTML Color - using the bgcolor or body tag.
The bgcolor tag is used to control the background of an HTML element, like table backgrounds, or td tags. The bgcolor tag can be placed within your HTML document to control the over all appearance of any particular table or cell background. We recommend using CSS, to control other variations, and to control the over all website appearance.

The basic HTML syntax is quiet easy to apply!

Example: Using the body Tag
Hexadecimal <body bgcolor="#FF0000">
RGB <body bgcolor="rgb(255,0,0)">

Example: Using the TD Tag
Hexadecimal <td bgcolor="#FF0000">
RGB <td bgcolor="rgb(255,0,0);">

You may also use the CSS style syntax to achieve the same goal.

Hexadecimal <td style="background-color: #FF0000;">
RGB <td style="background-color: rgb(255,0,0);">

How to apply Hexadecimal and RGB colors to your CSS
As you can see below there are many different ways to apply background colors, some of the samples below are obtained without using tables at all but are controlled using CSS!

Below are a couple examples of CSS syntax tags.

background-color: #FF0000;

background-color: rgb(255,0,0);

Standard Color Name
background-color: red;

In the above example we show you 3 different formats for applying color using hexadecimal values, and RGB.

Hexadecimal can be identified as it uses the pound sign "#"

RGB can be identified as individual values separated using commas, "00,00,00" and are differed by the following attributes Red, Green, and Blue.

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