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10 Fresh New Icon Sets for Your Blog

10 Fresh New Icon Sets for Your Blog
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Those starting a blog will find that icons greatly enhance their blog’s overall appearance, as well as make navigation much easier. For the most part, creating a custom icon requires a lot of time and some knowledge, so using an already-made icon set is far more practical. Also, the variety of designs is limitless.

1. Iconmonstr

Consisting of black and white icons, Iconmonstr is a simple icon set that is great for labeling different parts of one’s blog. For instance, the graph icon can be used to let users keep track of their stats if need be, such as online store purchases. A few other icons in the set include a tool icon showing a wrench, king’s hat, editing pencil and much more. This specific icon set is ideal for those who have a simple website theme, preferably with only a few colors, nothing too fancy.

2. Find Icons

Find Icons has virtually a countless number of different icons, varying in color, size, shape and design. Better yet, this massive, cool icon set offers users a search engine where they can find any icon they wish for. In fact, they have over 400,000 icons in over 2,000 different sets, making it one of the biggest icon sets out there. With such a variety, it’s safe to say this massive set is ideal for any type of blogger.

3. Icon Archive

Like the previous icon set, Icon Archive has literally a ton of icons. With this icon set, one is able to sort icons by color, background color, size, style and category. Their newest icons sets, or categories, are the Fantastic 11 (60 icons), Fantastic 10 (60 icons), Green Tropical Water Folders (19 icons), Button UI (16 icons), Email (19 icons), Flurry Cameras (12 icons) and Android Lollipop (39 icons). They also have around well over 30 different categories, making it suitable for any type of blogger.

4. Icon Gallery

Having over 400,000 icons cataloged, Icon Gallery is another great pick for anyone looking for limitless variety. Their five main icon categories are “save disk, music and audio, video and movie, search, and console”. Although the main webpage may look overly simple, one will be surprised to find out how highly detailed and appealing their icons really are, featuring 3D and 2D shapes, as well as different colors and designs. They also have an excellent search engine that can bring up virtually any icon with a few keywords.

5. The Noun Project

The primary theme of this icon set is black and white, featuring icons with great graphics, kind of like a professional charcoal painting. As with most of the icon sets on this list, this one has a search feature as well. On top of that, they’ve recently enabled the ability to add any type of color to any icon on the site. Overall, this is a great icon set for those who want to keep their blogging style natural, simple and relaxing.

6. IconToucan

Unlike the previous icon sets, where one could spend countless hours searching through infinite icons, IconToucan keeps it simple and quick by keeping all of its icons on the main page, along with a smooth scrolling feature. This layout makes looking for an icon quick, effective and easy. Because of this, it makes a great icon set for those who are in a hurry, yet want excellent looking icons. They also have six separate, simple icon categories that are labeled with example icons.

7. Minicons

This completely free icons set, Minicons, gives one an entire 210 icons right to their computer. These 210 icons are quite simple, having only black and white shades. However, other categories on their site include “line icons, flat icons, solid icons and nasty icons.” This icon set is ideal for those who have a very simplistic blog. On the other hand, these icons will ruin the looks of any complex blog or website. However, one can try the paid versions if they want, which have up to 1,500 different icons.

8. Fontello

What’s really cool about this set is that it lets users customize free web fonts of icons. To do this, one simply selects the icons they want to customize. From there, they can customize pixel size, file names and web font of the icon. Like many icon sets, Fontello has hundreds upon hundreds of different icons to choose from. However, it’s one of the very few icon sets that let users customize each and every icon, increasing possibilities ten fold. This type of customization is easy, as it requires no coding or technical knowledge, unlike other customizing platforms.

9. Socialico

Thanks to Socialico, there’s now an icon set that’s dedicated toward social media, which is very important for bloggers too. This includes sites such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and much more. Many of the icons include things such as thumbs-up buttons, dislike buttons, share buttons and hundreds more. Regardless of the type of topics a blogger posts, they’ll surely benefit from using these social media icons. Another cool feature is that they offer shortcuts to icons.

10. Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms is a very simple yet innovative icon set that gives one a ton of options. Although all of their icons are black and white, they have very great graphics. They also have a web font kit that lets users customize icons, such as glyphs. Interestingly, they have literally hundreds of different fonts to choose from. This icon set would benefit just about any blogger.

Above all else, remember to choose icons or icon sets that are appropriate for a particular blog, as one wouldn’t want to start a blog with tons of color, then add black and white icons. The impact that color and design have on a blogger’s visitors is massive. Not only do these icons enhance visual appearance, but they increase functionality for visitors as well.

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