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4 Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers

Author: Dee Marshall

When you properly implement SEO techniques in your blog, you will begin to notice that it is showing up in search results more often. When properly executed SEO, also known as search engine optimization, can have a highly positive effect on the amount of traffic that is driven to your blog. Once this new traffic has discovered your blog, you then have the opportunity to turn those visitors into followers and subscribers to your blog. To help ensure that your efforts are as successful as possible, I have 4 simple SEO tips that will help you rank higher and get your blog the attention it deserves.

1. Headlines – When you write a headline for your blog, it is important that you do so with search engines and readers in mind. You should create a headline that will catch the attention of search engines and provide it in their results. As tempted as you may be, you should avoid filling your headline with a string of keywords. In order for your title to get noticed, it needs to make sense and stand alone as a sentence. Not only will this help you get noticed by search engines, but readers will also be more easily drawn to a headline that makes sense.

2. Quality – When many people sit down and write a blog, they tend to be more interested in word count rather than quality. While there is some importance to word count, it is even more important that your blog contain quality content. Quality content is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your content is recognized by search engines and shared among readers. When writing content for your blog, it is also important that you remember to include keywords that will be recognized by search engines, this is a great way to incorporate SEO into your content.

3. Keywords – Choosing the right keywords to include in your content is a very important step in the SEO process. When you choose the right keywords for your blog, you will reach your targeted audience much easier. They should be relevant to your particular area of expertise. This will help you create content that is directly aimed at your niche audience.

4.Stay Updated – After you have started using these SEO techniques, it is important that you remain current on all relevant updates. Each time that a search engine releases an update, you should determine how that update can affect your SEO. If you do not remain current on these updates, all of the hard work and time that you have invested may be wasted because your blog may begin to drop in search results. To maintain your new rankings, stay updated on the new releases by the top search engines.

About the Author:

Deana “Dee” Marshall is the owner/operator of ArticleWriteUp.com. Article Write Up is your premier source for fully researched, high quality SEO content. If you are searching for experienced and talented article, blog, web content, press release, or eBook writers, visit Article Write Up.

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