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6 Top Tips for Increasing Traffic to your Blog

Author: Martin W Smith
6 Top Tips for Increasing Traffic to your Blog
Below I have listed 6 tips for increasing traffic to your blog, please note that this is what has worked for me, so they should work for you.

1. Join Traffic Exchange Programs

Traffic exchange programs such as Blog Explosion and Blog Soldiers can get you lots if traffic very quickly, especially when you first sign up as they usually give you free credits to start with. The problem with this sort of program is that although you’re getting lots of traffic you can’t really be sure any of the people browsing your site are actually reading your content and not just browsing to get credits for their own traffic. But saying that even if you only get 1 regular reader out of every 100 visitors that’s good going.

2. Submit Your Blog To New Directories

I have submitted my blog to probably over 20 directories and the ones I get the most traffic from are the new directories with only a few links such as http://rhyswynne.co.uk/toplist/ where I’m currently in the Top 10. Bloggers seem to be very quick to find new directories so if you get in there early your blog will be at the top of the list when new bloggers come to join.

3. Exchange Links With Other Blogs

A lot of my traffic comes from other blogs that have either added me to their Blog Roll because they like my site or because we have exchanged links. Try and find blogs that are similar to yours and where there can be a mutual benefit for exchanging links. I’ve recently exchanged links with Mike’s Money Making Mission who also has a blog about trying to make money on the internet and I have received quite a number of referrals from his blog. Also when exchanging links like this try writing a post about them pointing visitors in their direction, they might do the same for you. The other advantage to exchanging links with other blog is that the more blogs that link to you the higher your Technorati ranking (see the next tip).

4. Use Technorati Tags In All Your Posts

Technorati is a great resource for finding interesting posts in blogs and the best way of doing that is by searching for tags. Tags are like keywords, so that when you do a search in Technorati it looks for these tags in individual posts. Visit http://www.technorati.com/help/tags.html to find out how to tag your posts. Tagging your posts has the added advantage that, if your posts can be easily found people can link to you and as mentioned in the last tip the more links to your blog you have the higher your ranking in Technorati is, which again makes your blog even more visible.

5. Join Forums And Contribute

I’ve mentioned this before in other post but joining and being part of a blogging forum is a great source of traffic. There are a lot of good blogging forums out there two of my favorites are Blogger Forum and Blogger Talk but there are lots more. When joining a forum bear in mind that you are joining a community and it’s not enough to just write a post with a link to your blog and say look at this, you need to become a part of the community. By all means put a link in your signature, but write meaningful and useful posts, reply to other posts with helpful comments, above all DO NOT SPAM.

6. Visit Other Blogs And Comment

Try to actively read lots of blogs and leave meaningful comments, just like the forum tip, don’t just leave useless comments like “Nice blog”, try to be constructive. By leaving meaningful comments you let the owner of the blog know that you’ve been there and read what has been written and they might in turn visit your blog and leave a comment.

About the Author:
Martin W Smith, I’m a 30 year old father of 1 looking to make a little extra income from the internet, please see my blog for other articles. http://westen30.blogspot.com

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