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A Selection of Great Fonts for Your Website

Author: Brandon McClair

Even though it can be easy to overlook in a world of Flash technology and ever more complicated design elements, the lowly font is one of the most important design elements to any website. Choosing the right font for your website can have a profound impact on the success of your website, and it is important to choose the best and most web friendly fonts to enhance the usability and looks of your web based business.

Choosing the right font for your web site copy is an important consideration, as the font will affect the way visitors will perceive the page, including the professionalism of the site, its trustworthiness and of course its appearance. Some types of fonts are much easier to read on the web than others, and it is important to know which fonts are best for website use.

In particular, it is important to choose fonts for your website based on the following criteria:

The font should be easy to read on the computer screen

The font should fit well with the character of the website

The font should be widely available on the most popular web browsers and computer operating systems

The most popular and web friendly fonts include:

Arial – The Arial font is widely available, and it may be the most common of all the san serif fonts. Arial is the default font used by the Windows operating system, and has been as far back as Windows 3.1. Arial does have a number of readability issues, however, especially in smaller sizes, where it may become too narrow, and the spacing between the characters can appear too small. Times New Roman – Times New Roman is also very widely available, and it is the most common of all the serif fonts. Times New Roman is the default font for many web browsers, and it is highly readable at sizes of 12 pt and higher. Smaller sizes, however, should be afforded. Verdana – Verdana is another widely available sans serif fonts, and it is one of the easiest of all fonts to read on the web. Verdana continues to be the preferred font for many websites, and it is typically considered to be among the clearest fonts for on screen viewing, even in smaller font sizes.

Georgia – The Georgia font was introduced when the need for an easier to read serif font became apparent, and it does have very good on screen readability.

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