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Best Hosting Options For Your Blog

Writers in the modern day no longer need to fret about their houses looking for an errant piece of paper, pencil, or even eraser. In fact, penmanship is entirely unnecessary, because now there’s a more powerful force than the pencil or pen. It is the Internet. As a hub of vast amounts of information, and easily accessible by anyone with a connection, writers have started flocking in to type up their latest stories, tales, and reviews for the pleasure of readers everywhere. Here are a few various methods that these writers can put their content on the Internet.

There has to be something said about an author investing money in their blogging platform. While there are various different methods to post the content onto the Internet, some of the more premium services are barred behind different levels of financial commitments. A few of these services could include an author’s ability to fully control the website, the access to their content, and how to keep it secure. The content is, after all, the writer’s intellectual property. A computer savvy writer could choose to go the route of purchasing web hosting from a provider, opt-in to host their own website from a local server, or choose a premium pre-made selection of blogging website.
This can be, perhaps, one of the trickier tasks for a blogger. It requires an innate knowledge of computers, the Internet, and networking. However, it definitely provides a lot of benefits to the person that knows their way around. For instance, the person that can self-host their own website can choose the performance of the server, including things like total disk space and memory allotments. In fact, a blogger with this level of expertise would be able to use their own WordPress hosting, and benefit from all of its features. All of which would be noticeable by the reader.
There are a great number of excellent providers available to host a website. It’s actually really a simple process. The company that provides the services has an enormous amount of server space available, and they capitalize on that fact by renting portions of that space out to consumers that wish to host their own website. This method means that the blogger will not have to maintain their own server hardware, but they will still be able to access all of the server-side functionality of a website. Bloggers that choose to purchase a hosting plan should look for a provider that offers security, performance, the ability to back up the website data, and the option for easy WordPress hosting setup.
Yet another choice, pre-made blogging websites require bloggers to either make an initial or continuous investment to have access to certain premium features. The greatest appeal in utilizing the websites is the ease of setup and future maintenance. The blogger does not need to have a basic knowledge of how websites work, because the pre-made website options give the author an entirely comprehensive website that provides all the features necessary to run a successful blog. Most of these paid websites will have their free alternatives, but the free versions will not have access to as many features.
Perhaps the blogger is just getting started at creating a presence on the Internet, and they are not yet willing to pay any form of investment. So, they would be looking for a free alternative to post their ideas and writing on the Internet and begin building an audience of loyal readers. Thankfully, there are a wide-array of providers available that give authors the choice to host their content by using their company’s own platform. A few examples of these would be most of the social media platforms, like Google Plus, Facebook, and Tumblr. However, there are three that are well-known throughout the blogging community.
1. Tumblr
This massive website was made with a blogger in mind. In the current day and age, blogging does not consist of simply writing down a few paragraphs and posting it. Instead, readers expect for there to be vivid images, exciting formatting, and even daily video posts. Tumblr offers all of these options, and it offers a large audience of varying demographics. In this way, Tumblr provides all of the tools necessary, bring an audience to the content, and does it for free.
2. Blogger
A blogging option provided by the technological giant Google, Blogger has been a popular choice as a free alternative for quite some time. That experience in the industry definitely shows. One of the most noticeable features of Blogger is seamless interface in allowing an author to setup multiple different blogs. Authors that have various interests are more than capable of providing content about their interest in food on one blog, and they can post personal videos of their travelling interests in yet another. Since this is provided by Google, a lot of the features that their companies offer are integrated into Blogger as well, like easy access to Google Photos, YouTube, and Google Drive.
3. Facebook
Although it might not be considered a traditional blogging platform, the social media all-star Facebook offers authors the ability to post their content online in nearly any possible format. The company even offers various different options to authors to further promote their content, select their target audiences, and analyze the demographics of a current audience. As with a few of the previously mentioned options, Facebook gives the author’s readers a great deal of flexibility in how they wish to view the posted content, whether it be on a personal computer or a mobile device.
In the end, the selection is truly up to the blogger. Each option is as individualistic as the author’s blog, and the choice will be decided by factors that vary in importance to each blogger. For instance, a blog about homemade candles that needs an integrated online store could utilize a WordPress hosting service, whereas someone that posts daily videos about their travels throughout the world might look into using Facebook or Tumblr for their large audience and ease of use. Just like with pen and paper, the power is in the author’s hands.

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