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Blogging Tips

Author: Harmony Xu
Blogging Tips
Organic traffic from search engines is what you’re always suppose to be focusing on. Work with your main targeted keyword, search this keyword in search engines and advertise your link on the top sites you see on the search results. Thus, when search engines crawl the sites, the bot will follow and crawl the site links on their page.

Your Key:
Search engines love fresh content, be sure to update your blog daily with new content. I can’t even stress how important this is.

Link Exchanges
Link exchanging is another way of driving traffic and build backlinks. Search for partners relating to your niche.

Always have some money set aside for marketing your blog, my suggestions are to pay for directory submission services to help build your backlink and pagerank.

Keywords only about a specific topic
Say you made a post today about the internet, what would the post mostly talk about? Yes, that’s right – the internet. Blog posts would mainly only talk about one thing, or niche, it would be easier for search engines to determine its theme thus making it rank higher.

Keyword Density
Why post a 1000 word blog post and bore your readers? Short blog posts about one subject means having a high keyword density. Having keyword rich titles give search engines a good overview of your site and also increases your keyword prominence, meaning how early a keyword appears in text.

Having your URLs as www.blogsitename.com/blogpost-title or www.blogsitename.com/blogpost_title is more search engine friendly than having www.blogsitename.com/?p=250. Most blogging systems gives you the ability to modify this.

Services such as BlogLet allows you to generate a form for your visitors to subscribe to your blog. Every time you update with a new blog entry, your subscribers receives an email notification.

So what are trackbacks? Trackbacks, also known as pingbacks is a method in blogs that enables automatic cross-references between weblog articles. For example, if someone writes an entry on the importance of water, and you have a related article base on the topic, you can point your entry link to the article you just viewed. This way readers can read your piece too via the link submitted.

Ping Ping.in is a blog ping service that pings or notifies weblog services and blog directories that your blog has been updated. Thus enabling them to index your blog fast and make your content available for a larger audience.

About the Author:
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