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Top 15 Blogs for Tech and Internet Enthusiasts

In the world of technology, the best source of information on current trends and Internet and computing standards is often blogs. Top quality tech blogs are usually written, edited, and curated by leading industries professionals, technology and programming experts, and other writers who have made a name for themselves online. If you’re an Internet enthusiast, or work in the field of computing and technology then you should subscribe to these 15 top blogs for Internet and tech related news.

10 Fresh New Icon Sets for Your Blog

Those starting a blog will find that icons greatly enhance their blog’s overall appearance, as well as make navigation much easier. For the most part, creating a custom icon requires a lot of time and some knowledge, so using an already-made icon set is far more practical. Also, the variety of designs is limitless.

How To Get Your Blog Exposed Using Guest Blogging The Right Way

Author: George C Simeon Snr There are many different ways to increase the online exposure of your blog, but not all of them are effective in producing real results. However, if implemented correctly, the guest-blogging method can produce quality backlinks and help you gain unprecedented exposure online. The only trick is learning how to get […]

5 Key Components of Every Successful Blog

Author: TJ Philpott A successful blog is one that has a steady and growing flow of return visitors! Of course the most important component of any blog is creating content your readers will love along with making them feel welcomed! Now this may see easier said than done but the fact is your ultimate success […]

The 4 Qualities Of An Amazing Blogger

Author: Quentin J Baker Blogging is perhaps the most popular online activity in this day and age. Apart from being used to highlight different personal interests, it is also currently utilized to promote various products and services in the worldwide web. However, unlike what most people believe, starting and maintaining a successful blog isn’t as […]

5 Blogging Tips for Newbies

Author: Vitaliy Knysh Blogging tips are very vital for you, and this is particularly true if you are just starting out. In cyberspace today, there are hundreds of millions of blogs, and by the time you finish reading this, there will be a lot more created. But as a newbie, what are the best blogging […]

It’s Blogging Again!

Author: Vitaliy Knysh Running a blog is actually a popular debate on the Internet right now. It is getting more involvement for online marketers and other people. Why lots of people these days come up with the idea of making income from blogging and don’t have great results? Blogging has been around for quite a […]

Make Sure Your New Blog Is Effective

Author: Amy D Guy Perhaps “blogging” isn’t such an elegant word. Widespread blogging is on the other hand one of the most engaging Internet developments of the past few years. As a standard it gives rise to many new and worthy voices and plays a new and crucial force in determining opinions, political realities, fads, […]


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