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The Easy Way to Create a Powerful Content Management Web Site

Author: Dale Dahlgren When I started designing web sites, years ago, everything required extensive HTML knowledge. A year or two later, ASP and PHP came along. Development tools like Dreamweaver replaced text editors. Most designers had to make alliances with programmers to get real power into a web site. Every new web site design was […]

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5 Tips for Securing Your Open Source CMS

Author: Tim Priebe Recently, one of my clients that uses an open source content management system (CMS) was hacked several times. I’ve talked about CMS’s in the past. But I’ve not really talked about the fact that open source CMS’s are prone to hacking by hackers. Well, they are. That’s the ugly truth. Even with […]

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How To Install And Run PhpAdsNew

Author: Bedrich Omacka What is phpAdsNew? It is great script written in PHP which can be used to manage different ad campaigns on your website. PhpAdsNew supports banners of any size (including flash banners), pop-ups, text ads and many different types of rich media ads. Using this script you can manage third party ads, e.g. […]

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How to Install and Configure Drupal CMS

Author: Bedrich Omacka Drupal is a feature rich Content Management System (CMS) which allows webmasters to run dynamic website without PHP knowledge. Publishers can add website content through admin interface. Thanks many modules it is possible to install a lot of additional features like spell check, displaying banners or AdSense ads, chat, mailing list, e-commerce […]


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