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SEO Friendly Flash

Author: Mike Belasco 6 different web designers have asked me about making Flash SEO friendly in the last month, so I’ll post some tips here. Most SEOs would agree that Flash is not really SEO friendly (yet). This is because all the content (text) is inside the flash movie and the spiders can’t read it […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Web Design

Author: Vijayanand Yadla Points to be considered when planning a Flash based web site: 1. Purpose of the web site: If the primary purpose of the web site is to offer artistic or visual effects to the visitors (such as a business that is primarily a Design/Arts company, with visitors coming to the web site […]

SEO: Flash Is Evil – Five Big Reasons Not to Use Flash

Author: Oleg Ishenko Building Flash-powered websites is wrong. Storing your content in Flash movies is wrong. Implementing site navigation in Flash is wrong. Then why are there so many Flash sites? They look pretty with all those neat vector graphics, gradients, animations and cool sound effects. Flash is the favorite toy of big designer studios […]


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