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Server Side Programming Languages

Author: David Davis PHP can run on both Unix and Windows servers, which makes it more accessible than its Windows counterpart, Active Server Pages (ASP). Most full-service web design firms will have at least one PHP guru. PHP uses are widespread, and can include any kind of server functionality that takes user’s input and displays […]

Introduction to C++ Programming

Author: Arvind Gupta This article gives you an introduction to C++ Programming from ground level. This article won’t teach you all the fundas of C++ programming rather it gives you the base to learn C++ programming, remember that for further learning, the base should be strong and this is what this article tries to do. […]

Email Forms – a Tough Task for Wannabe Programmers

Author: Jim Pretin Adding a simple email form or contact form to a website can often be a tough task for a first-time programmer or small business website. A lot of people who start a website or a small internet business use simple templates to put a website online while having little or almost no […]

Five Tips for Effective Object-oriented Programming in C++

Author: V. Berba Velasco Spurgeon’s Law says that 90% of everything is crap. This certainly holds true in the world of software development, and especially when it comes to object-orientation and C++ programming. This is largely due to the pervasiveness and complexity of C++; it’s one of the most commonly used object-oriented languages, and yet […]


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