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5 Quick SEO Tricks for Your New Website

There is a rumor going around the blogosphere saying search engine optimization( SEO) is dead. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO isn’t dead, it has just evolved to eliminate the effectiveness of black hat techniques like keyword stuffing. Google has developed a set of complex algorithms that put the most valuable and well-written […]

Search Ranking Solutions for Disgruntled Website Owners

Author: Marilyn Bontempo Regardless of what the “experts” say, the obsession for top organic rankings in search results continues to proliferate among every client I represent. Everyone is incensed at their loss of top placement whether their websites were tainted by “black hat” practices or not. Most of those with the biggest drop in SERPS […]

PageRank: Is It Still Important?

Author: Tina Courtney-Brown  Since the advent of search engines, businesses have always strived to be top dog. From a PageRank perspective, this meant scoring the highest number possible, achieved through the art of link building. As time has progressed, the world of SEO and PageRank have become increasingly complex; so much so, some of the […]

Common SEO Blunders that Can Affect Your Site Ranking

Author: Tina Courtney-Brown Yes, today’s world of SEO can be one overwhelming wave. With a never-ending flow of articles and videos that trumpet all the many steps required to appease Google and friends, high page rankings can feel out of reach. Sometimes the less intimidating approach is to examine the current common mistakes made by […]

Facts You Never New About Yahoo Google Ask Jeeves Bing And Alltheweb

Author: ShirleyA Kelly Search engines have two basic styles – portal and search box focused. In either search style, results depend on inclusion within the engine’s extensive database, some using human editing and others fully automated, some requiring paid inclusion and others free. Search results listings are called SERP’s or search engine result pages.

The Many Aspects of Marketing To Search Engines

Author: Shirley A Kelly Because approximately 85% of all internet users looking to buy online will place a keyword in the search box of a search engine, you had better have a good understanding of how to market your website to them. I wrote this article to help you understand a little bit about how […]

Search Engines And Keyword Stuffing

Author: David Fishman Keyword stuffing is a “Black Hat” technique. Cloaked pages, keyword stuffing and hidden text are just some of the techniques tried by many webmasters which are unapproved methods by search engines. One of the most widely used techniques is what is called keyword stuffing; this is defined by repeating the same word […]

Top Ten Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Author: Alevoor Rajagopal Although Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to good ranking in Search Engine results, sometimes a few things are overlooked and this results in either lowering your rankings or maybe even that your site could be blocked. Take a look at the top ten mistakes in website optimization.


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