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Why ”Deep Linking” is Very Important to Your Website’s Success

Author: Bruce Hearder Before showing the importance of deep linking, perhaps an understanding of its nature will help us our quest. Deep linking refers to links pointing to other places than the index page itself. Let’s take an example: a link to somesite.com will direct to the index page, while a link to somesite.com/somestuff/morestuff/ neverknewthispageexisted.htm […]

The Question Remains, How Do You Get Those Quality Back Links?

Author: Daryl Putnam “Have other relevant sites link to yours.”  That’s the first thing listed in the Google webmaster guidelines. So, according to google, quality links are the most important aspect of web site optimization. Everyone knows that Google determines the importance (social status or position) of a web site by the number of relevant, […]

Bad Practices with Reciprocal Links

Author: Jason McElwaine Some S.E.O.’s will tell you that reciprocal linking is beneficial. Others will say that reciprocal linking has outlived its course. If you choose to trade links, here are a few things to consider: The point of obtaining back-links is to help your search engine rank. Every link to your site is like […]


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