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10 Fresh New Icon Sets for Your Blog

Those starting a blog will find that icons greatly enhance their blog’s overall appearance, as well as make navigation much easier. For the most part, creating a custom icon requires a lot of time and some knowledge, so using an already-made icon set is far more practical. Also, the variety of designs is limitless.

Best Hosting Options For Your Blog

Writers in the modern day no longer need to fret about their houses looking for an errant piece of paper, pencil, or even eraser. In fact, penmanship is entirely unnecessary, because now there’s a more powerful force than the pencil or pen. It is the Internet. As a hub of vast amounts of information, and […]

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Author: Mark Runyon It’s no accident that WordPress has become the 800 lb gorilla in the web publishing field. As of March 2012, 72.4 million sites were running on the CMS, amounting to 25% of all websites operating on the Internet. With that gaudy figure in mind, it should come as little surprise that hackers […]


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