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Characteristics of the Best Selling Websites

Author: Naveen Kumar
Characteristics of the Best Selling Websites
A properly designed website is a website that combines in it all the ingredients like it is user friendly, search friendly, and presents a theme in an impressive way. A successful web site is a site that converts most of its visitors into customers.

Web Designing Mantra

If a website is designed properly and its entire coding is html validated, it will naturally be search engine friendly. The content and information on your website will bring visitors to your website, but it is actual design of your website that will ultimately make an impression. A website which is unordered usually confuses its visitors. So order your website today in order to attract more visitors.

Design a website for your visitors. Choose your layout, style and color schemes based on the characteristic of your targeted customer base. If your website is for youths the use aggressive dark colors in it. If it’s for matured people aged between 35-50 years, then use soft colors. So the core of this whole issue is to understand the needs and requirements of your customers. You website should be compatible with all the browsers. It should not disintegrate when opened in different resolution.

Powerful content always help

You home page should have 300 words of powerful content that clearly defines the product you are selling, Your first four lines of  copy are very important, they should be simple and should entice visitors to follow rest of pages on your website. Rest of text should be keywords rich, contains keywords that will be used by your visitors to search your website in all the major search engines. Please note that your content should not be dynamically called or it’s should not be wrapped in frames, as search engine crawlers does not read content from these resources.

The information in your website should be properly structured so that your primary keywords are placed in H1 tags and secondary in H2 tags. Make sure your website text is easy to read. Use lots of white space and bullet or marked information where necessary.

Every image and graphic on your website should have alt text. Do not use text with same BG color. This is called spamming and advanced search engine crawlers will easily catch it. Which may result in your website being banned for ever.

As we all know first impression is a last impression. Make that initial rendezvous with you visitors count by making an attractive and pleasing homepage that clearly defines the products you are selling, your location, your achievements. Give your visitors the reason to have confidence in you.

Don’s create your website wholly in Flash. This type of website gives no clue to search engine bots. And it also requires its users to download additional software’s in order to view it.

Finally take a long look at your website. Is it professional in nature and would it appear attractive to your targeted audience? Are the images and graphics perfectly chiseled to perfection, are they memorable enough, contributing to the overall elegance of your website? Is your navigation simple to use?

Ask these questions to yourself and then apply them to your website and the final result will be – You will get a website that complete in itself – having all the ingredients for reviving a successful business for you.

Alternately if you feel you cann’t do it yourself then shelve this tedious task to any premier web design company, the professionals web designers and experinced copywriters will fine tune your website in no time.

Try this tip at Home: Read the entire content of your website a load. Is it free flowing, does it read easily? If it isn’t make the required changes in it to make it simpler. Don’t skip this most important tip.

About the Author:
Naveen Kumar is professional writer. He loves writing intresting and detailed articles.

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