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Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog Part 1

Author: George Christodoulou
Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog
One of the most important aspects of blogging is keeping those visitors coming back for more. This is the way you will make the big bucks. The life blood of the industry. If you learn my tactics you will see that you can write about what you love and make money without even having to spend a lot of time on traffic building. If you really want to get a large audience though, you will have to work on the traffic building portion of blogging. Keep reading and see the 10 secrets of building traffic with blogs.

1. RSS Feed For Blog Traffic

RSS feed or news feed is a way for people to keep people coming back to your blog. When people subscribe to read your RSS feed, they will get updates continuously. This means that you will be bringing readers back to your blog every time you make a post. There are strategies that tie into this strategy.

In addition to keeping loyal readers continually reading your blog, it will also bring in new readers. The way you get new readers is through RSS feed directories. Many people read RSS feeds and scan them for research and information. This way you can generate more traffic. You can use a search engine to find all the RSS feed directories or get free software that will submit your RSS feed to dozens of directories instantly.

To create RSS feed if you don’t already have one go to feedburner.com and create one for your blog. You can use the buttons on the page to advertise your feed on your site. Then go to RSS feed directories and submit your new RSS feed directories. Once this is done, you will generate readers who will be back often as long as you keep providing quality.

2. Create Quality Content

This is the most important tips when it comes to blogging. There is nothing more important than this. Make sure you create something your readers want to read. If you don’t, you will have problems keeping your readers loyal. The readers who come back again and again are the ones you want to keep because they are going to become your money.

Keep your content interesting. This means that you must write your blog about the topic the readers expect and not to go off on some kind of crazy topic nobody reading cares about. This is also the key to other strategies as well. I will get into how in a moment. But before I do go into other strategies, good content has other effects as well. It makes the blog more viral. Like a cold or the flu, one person can pass the sickness to others in seconds. The same ideas apply to your blog. People will pass on interesting information to others and bring you more traffic.

Keeping with the theme of viral traffic, your site can also be placed on a site that gets a lot of traffic. There are sites on the web, that list the “cool sites” or something of that fashion. If your site is chosen, you can get thousands of visitors in one day earning you hundreds of dollars in advertising dollars.

3. Social Bookmarking For Traffic

This is the ultimate traffic generating strategy. You need no other strategy if you know how to use social bookmarking. It is simple enough to understand as well. If you can get to the top pages of the most popular social bookmarking sites, you will get 20k visits instantly.

An example of a social bookmarking site is digg.com. The way you get more traffic is when people vote for your content. When they vote for your content, your site increases in ranking. This is where quality content comes into play. If you can write something really amazing, you will get more votes. The reason they will vote for your content is because they want to bookmark it. Thus the term “social bookmarking”. People bookmark content for everyone to see.

You can submit your own content to these social bookmarking sites. This is the way people searching digg.com for information will find your article or content. If you get lucky, you will get a lot of diggs, bookmarks, votes, or whatever you want to call them.

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