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Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog Part 2

Author: George Christodoulou
Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog
This is part two of a three part series. These are the best blog traffic strategies on the net all in one place. Someone could take all this information, place it in a book, and sell it for $27 a piece but I have it here for everyone who wants to blog starting with strategy #4.

4. Pinging Your Blog

This is something that is very important. This builds links to your site for SEO and also drives a little bit of traffic once in a while. When you finish writing a post, you should ping your blog. What this does is notifies people that your blog has a new post in it.

When you post in your blog, you should make sure to post at a regular interval. This is because when you ping your blog, if you post at a regular time once or twice a day, you will get more loyal readers. It is also good for search engines as well.

To ping your blog, you can use pingoat.com or pingomatic.com. There are other services but I suggest you use one of these. They have a large list of blog directories that will be notified using these 2 services.

If you are using wordpress as you blog platform, you can ping your site to hundreds of services. There is a large list of dozens of pinging services you can use. WordPress allows you to ping your site to any service you want every time you post so you don’t even have to use pingomatic or pingoat. If you search “list of ping services” you will find the list of services you can use.

5. Email Marketing With Your Blog

This is a very good strategy of bringing readers back to your blog as well as to create a list that you can market to. Many people who are part of an email list will be more willing to buy something if they like what they are sent and are interested in the material.

You can use an autoresponder like getresponse.com that offers the option of sending updates to your blog every time you make a post. Be warned that if you post too often, people will get annoyed with the amount of emails they are being sent. If you want to use this strategy, you should post to your blog once a day which might even be too often because people will be getting an email every time.

To capture peoples email addresses, you just need to place a little html code on your site. You can place the code in the sidebar on the top so people can see it. It should be placed in a prominent place because the more people you have on this list, the more traffic you can drive to your blog every day.

6. Search Engine Optimize Your Titles

To optimize your blogs titles, just think of search terms that people actually use when searching Google or Yahoo!. To help you, you can use overture’s key word tool or Google adwords key word tool. This will give you an idea about what key phrases you should be placing in your titles.

If you get lucky, you will use a title of a key phrase that no other person has optimized for that gets 5-10visits a day. Duplicate this effect 20 times, and you will increase the traffic to your site by 200 visitors or more. The most important aspect of this strategy is that it will bring unique visitors that will become loyal if your content is good.

Please read the final article in the series or go back and read part 1.

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