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Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog Part 3

Author: George Christodoulou
Complete Top 10 Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Blog
This is the final article in the series of three articles that have been written to compile 10 of the best blog traffic generation strategies on the web. Some articles will give you bullets of these strategies but these are simple easy step by step blueprints of the strategies starting with #7.

7. Edit Blog Posts and Send Them to Article Directories

Article submission is one of the best strategies of link building and traffic generation around. It’s free and adds the extra bit of exposure your site needs to increase your profits to a comfortable level.

To save time, when you make a blog post (250 words minimum), take that blog post and edit it a little. Change the words around, remove some parts, add a new part, and change the title. Submit this to any other article directory you like to use.

In the “about the author” area, place a link to your blog. Tell the people reading the article that they can find more of great information at your site. This will bring in more unique visitors. In addition, webmasters will take your article. This is where quality content comes in again. Your article will only be taken and placed on other sites, if it is good! In any case, your link will be at the bottom (hopefully) and this will bring in more traffic.

You will also have to use anchor text to optimize these articles. This means that instead of writing, “click here”, wrote, “automobile information”. This will allow search engines to place you in that search term.

8. Create Another Blog With Blogger Or WordPress

This is a strategy that is not known by many because free blogs are thought to be a waste of content. When you write any content on a free WordPress or blogger blog, you are helping blogger.com and wordpress.com get more fresh content. With a WordPress blog, you can’t even add any advertisements. So why should you make one at all?

These blogs are archived and searched on their sites databases. Blogger actually places a toolbar above every blog that allows people to search for other blogs and move on to the next blog. This gives your blogger blog more traffic without even forcing you to do any work at all. All you have to worry about is creating a title for your blog that has to do with what people are searching.

If you creating a blog and place a few posts in it, you will be able to leech of the traffic for years to come. It will not be a fantastic amount of traffic, but if you make 5 blogs at once with unique content that you can just pay someone to write for $50, you can see traffic coming to your site in no time.

9. Use other blogs as link building machines

When you link to a blog, that blog owner will see that you have done so. Hopefully, they will also link back to you. Chances are they will at least visit your blog and become a loyal reader of it so you do gain something. Perhaps, if the blog you linked to is new, they will be so excited that you were the first to link to them that they will be more then happy to link back.

You can create a post that say, “I am linking to com’s blog”. In the post, you can write how you hope they will link back. Chances are they will read that post and link back to you for the effort.

You can also build a link to your site by posting a comment on other people’s blogs. To do this, just read a post they have written and post a comment relevant to the post. I suggest that you stay positive because a negative post can be erased. Your name will be the anchor text of the link so keep that in mind.

10. Posting at regular intervals

I mentioned earlier a few times the importance of posting at regular intervals so I will no teach you how it’s done. One way that you can post regularly is the old fashion way. You can wake up at 7:00 in the morning, drink you coffee, and make your post. This is not too difficult but can be annoying for people who want to sleep in. Sometimes you forget and get lazy.

If you are one of those people who “forget” to blog, here is a strategy for you. If you use WordPress, you can use the time stamp feature to place a time and date on the post. This way you can write all your posts once a week and have them posted automatically at the same time of day every day. This is good for search engines and people alike.

If you do not use WordPress, you can use an autoresponder to send posts to your blogs. Every blog including blogger blogs, have a secret email address that you can send your blog posts to. The subject becomes that title of the post and the body becomes the body of the post. If you set up an autorespnder with 10 posts, you can make sure that your blog will be posted in daily. Be warned when choosing an autoresponder for this though because some force you to place information at the bottom that would look foolish on a blog post like an unsubscribe link!

These are the top 10 strategies of building traffic with blogs. It has been a long read, I know. Take some time to relax and think about everything in this or print it out and use it as a reference. All of these strategies together will help you easily make money with blogs or at least drive enough traffic to your blog. Monetizing your blog is another story that will be written another day.

If you have not already done so, please go back and read the other 2 articles in this 3 part series

About the Author:
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