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Creating a Web Site – A Guide For Non-Techies

Author: Carla Vaughan
Creating a Web Site - A Guide For Non-Techies
Creating a web site seems like a daunting task, especially if you are not knowledgeable about html, keyword research, navigation techniques or submitting pages to the search engines. Most people think that in order to create an excellent web site you have to be a technical genius or a computer science geek. That just isn’t the case anymore.

Anyone can create a web site these days. All you need are the right tools.

First, it helps to know what makes a web site successful. One of the best gauges is traffic. How many people visit a site during any given month? Of course, you really need to compare the same kind of web site. For instance, one of my web sites is about traveling to Oklahoma City and another is about resume writing. It’s a bit difficult to compare those two. But, if I compare my resume site to someone else’s resume site, then finding out who has the most traffic is more meaningful.

Why is traffic so important? It is the lifeblood of any business, whether it is a store down the street from your home or a web site about building birdhouses. Traffic is essential.

It isn’t hard to find the store down the street. You drive by it every day. But what about a web site? You can’t drive by a web site. How do you get people to find a web site? People find your web site by searching for information that you present on your web pages. They search by using “keywords”.

Think about my resume site. What keywords might someone use to find my resume site? They might search for “resume help” or “writing a resume” or something else along those lines. Those are the words that I need to use within the pages of my web site so that people can find my site.

Now you know what makes a web site successful and how people find your site.

If creating a web site still seems like a daunting task, how would you feel if I told you that you can design your own site, research the keywords that people are searching for and build traffic – without having to know any special coding like html or anything else that typical web designers have to know?

That’s how I build my sites. I don’t know html and I don’t know how to create the buttons on the left side of the page so people can zip around my site. I do not submit my pages to the search engines so that people can find me and I certainly don’t know how the form on the contact us page of my site works. I just know that it does work and that makes me very happy.

How can I have successful web sites without having to know all the techie stuff? I use a company called SiteBuildIt to create my sites. It’s for people like me who don’t care about learning the inner-workings of a web site. All I want is to create a site that people notice – and also one that happens to make some money at the same time.

Anyone can create a web site like mine. All you need at the right tools. SiteBuildIt has the right tools. I have never found another site on the web who offers what SBI offers. They submit your pages to the search engines for you. To create a new web page, you type what you want to say into the blank spaces (page title, description of the page, keywords used, heading and body copy) and you’ve done it. No special knowledge needed.

The best thing about SBI is that it makes the web accessible for ordinary people. It levels the playing field. Finally, there is a solution for web design – for people who aren’t computer geeks. It doesn’t get any better than this.

About the Author:
Carla Vaughan, Owner/Webmaster Professional-Resume-Example.com and Oklahoma-City-Life.com

Professional-Resume-Example.com, is a web site devoted to assisting candidates in the job-search process. Carla holds a B.S. in Business from Southern Illinois University and has authored several books. To find out more about creating a web site like hers, go to: SiteBuildIt: Show Me Results.

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