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DMOZ or Google Directory?

Author: Ionut Georgian Ion
DMOZ or Google Directory
A very easy way to get your site listed in Google’s index is to submit it to DMOZ. Obvious, it has to be approved by DMOZ editors first, and then your site can benefit from it.

DMOZ is an online free directory, built by human volunteers around the world. Surprising for many of you might be the fact that Google is not using his own web directory.

Actually, Google Directory is based on DMOZ, maybe because it is a very reliable source of information’s. Because all the DMOZ content is reviewed by human editors around the world, the entire content of is reliable and high quality. So, when Google finds a new site linked from DMOZ, it will consider it as a good and trusty vote for that site, and will start indexing it soon.

Google Directory is actually the DMOZ directory, with all the information’s showed in Google style. Google lists also the PageRank of the sites. Google scans from time to time the content of DMOZ directory, and when it finds new sites, it will analyze and add them in its database when necessary. Because of that, you can consider this as a very good and easy way to get your site listed in Google. Also, listing in DMOZ is good for old sites. Because Google trusts DMOZ, any site which is present in DMOZ, will have a better TrustRank, than the ones that are not listed.

If you want to add your site to DMOZ, you can do it by accessing this page :


After you submit your site, you have to wait until it will be reviewed by one of the DMOZ editors in order for it to be approved. Be patient… Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks until some of the editors will have time to check your site. And, there is no guarantee that your site will be approved. It actually depends very much of the editor which is in charge for the category where the your site is added. Unfortunately, if your site is rejected, don’t expect too many explanations, because they will not give you. Just take it as it is, and, maybe try again some other time.

You have to wait some time until you get some response from DMOZ; it is highly recommended for any of you to add your site to DMOZ. It can’t hurt you in any way. Actually, it will help you a lot. Just submit your site.

About the Author:
Ion Ionut Georgian is the founder of BizPro and Webby, two websites which are trying to change the quality of the internet content.

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