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Getting Visitors to Your Blog

Author: Marty Rubenski
Getting Visitors to Your Blog
You’ve created the perfect blog, packed with useful information. Or maybe you just talk about your family and pets. Everything is great… except nobody reads your blog. If this is even slightly familiar, read these 7 tips for getting the maximum number of visitors to your blog:

1. Quality counts. I’m sorry, but people aren’t interested in what you had for breakfast or the sordid details of your teenage angst. Writing posts that are informative, funny or interesting is 90% of the way to getting visitors. Make every post count. Spend 90% of your time on the posts and the blog traffic will follow.

2. Although you will get most of your visitors from other sources, don’t ignore search engines. They can deliver several hundred visitors a day without too much effort. Include keywords about your topic in at least two posts on each page. For example, if your blog is about sailing, mention the word “sailing” as well as related keywords such as boat, tiller, ocean and yacht. Don’t make the mistake of just repeating “sailing” over and over. Search engines aren’t that dumb. They look for on-topic keywords. Make your titles descriptive. Use “My Greek Sailing Holiday” rather than just “My Holiday”

3. Tell your friends. Tell them to tell their friends. Use this both online and offline. Are you embarrassed to let your friends to see your blog? See tip #1.

4. Get links. Lots of links. Most of your long-term repeat visitors will come from links on other blogs and websites. Use Google to search for blogs and websites in the same area as yours and send them an email telling them about your amazing blog. Offer to exchange links. Many won’t respond, but enough will to make it worth the effort.

5. Get involved with the blogging community. Read blogs on similar topics and ideas and leave meaningful comments on posts you like. Join in the conversations on hot topics. Be part of the community, not just an observer.

6. Write articles on your topic and submit them to the main article directories. Spend enough time to make the quality of your articles the highest you can. Get known as an expert in your field. Add a link and brief description of your blog in the resource section of your article.

7. Post on forums in your topic. Add a link to your blog in your signature if the forum allows this. Getting known as an active and knowledgeable poster will bring you more regular visitors than you realize. Give and you shall receive.

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