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Journalists And Content Writers: The Common Link

Author: Chandrayee Neogi
Journalists And Content Writers The Common Link
Normally, the CV of a journalist rots in the shelf while interviewers choose  prospective writers for writing assignments related to Internet marketing. Can  journalists really add more value to the work a marketing department undertakes?  Journalists have the power to write engaging write-ups that entertain and  educate at the same time. These types of written content compel a large number  of people to share them on social networking or bookmarking sites.

A Journalist’s Role in Content Marketing

A person with the right temperament and eye for novelty factors in a story  can nail the tasks of both a journalist and a content writer with élan. A  journalist is constantly on the lookout for an original story. It is very  important to become the first one to reach out to the mass with the recreated  news, keeping its originality unadulterated. Only then, the news will help its  publisher or broadcaster of that domain. On the other hand, original and  engaging content will reach the top because of the high rate of shares on social  media channels, and this will drive more traffic to the parent site.

Why Is A Journalist The Most Suitable Candidate?

• “Infotainment” is the best tool that a writer can use to connect  with the readers emotionally. Write-ups created with the purpose of educating,  informing and entertaining the readers often become the most popular post.  Journalists also engage their readers emotionally and create a group of loyal  readers for their respective media houses.

• Journalists know quite well that only a gripping story can keep the readers  interested. Their knowledge about proper page layout and imagery can make them  wonderful content writers who are smart enough to keep the audience hooked till  the last word. A well-crafted and beautifully organized content entices every  individual reader. As a result, readers stay on the site for a long time, which  in turn, helps in the SEO campaign as Google regards this as a valuable  signal.

• The value of a good article depends largely on the title. Journalists over  the time master the art of penning catchy headlines. So, they become  commercially viable when websites need to bring in more traffic through the  “catchy” titles of the articles.

• Only original content is helpful in carrying out an effective Internet  marketing campaign as duplicate versions can only put the site owners in legal  soup. As content curators need to remain careful about the originality and  novelty of the content, it is a cakewalk for journalists who produce unique and  original articles on a dailty basis.

• Internet marketers often fail to resist the temptation of pushing sales  messages through their blogs or social networking profiles. Of late, the  changing trends in Internet marketing prove that social media channels often  refuse self-promotional content. Journalists hardly get any liberty to indulge  in self-promotion, and that is why they are the best people for content  marketing.

• Internet marketing yields results only when it gets done with proper  planning. Missing deadlines is a sign of unprofessional approach that might  backfire to spoil the entire marketing effort. Journalists like working under  strict deadlines. Therefore, a journalist in the content team can improve the  overall efficiency.

A good writer, irrespective of his field, should know how to write a content  that helps in executing the marketing strategies of a company. Journalists work  in a method that only yields positive results. So, it is a wise decision to  consider a journalist for the post of a content writer.

About the Author:
Chandrayee Neogi is a blogger and writer specializing in online content  writing and Internet marketing. For the relevant infographics created by Neogi,  click here: A Journalist as a Content Manager

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