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Phpfox Exposed – Is Phpfox Truly The Best Social Network Site Creation Script

Author: Rick Desmond
Phpfox Exposed - Is Phpfox Truly The Best Social Network Site Creation Script
Phpfox is a very powerful script that will enable any webmaster to create their very own niche social network site. Thanks to the popularity of Myspace, social network sites are popping up left and right because many savy internet marketers are seeing the profit potential of having a myspace-like clone.

After all, who wouldn’t mind having a site in which…

• The Members create all of the content

• The members promote the content by inviting their friends, therefore giving your site a viral like exposure to new potential members

• Members provide you with juicy marketing research and demographic information by filling out their personal profile

The Php Fox script can provide your social network site with all this functionality plus a whole lot more.

While researching php fox for my own uses, I kept reading from web developers and programmers how phpfox is buggy, sloppy and not worth it. But from hobbyists and internet marketers I kept on reading how phpfox is the easiest script to get one started with their very own niche community script. I decided to listen to all the internet marketers and it was perhaps one of the best decisions I have ever made.

With phpfox, you will be able to participate with a very large and active forum with very helpful members that will do everything they can to help a fellow phpfox user set up their script. This forum so far has been a godsend for me. Not just because of the help that you can get but because there exists some members who program little add-on scripts called mods that you can use to enhance the features of your community.

If you are the type that worries about script installations, well don’t. Personally I thought the install was very easy. There are 3 basic steps to the install…

1. create a database,
2. upload and chmod your script files,
3. visit the install page you uploaded and fill out your database name, username and password you just set up, run it and that’s it. The install file will automatically create your community for you.

If you don’t want to bother with the installation yourself, you can always have the phpfox company do it for your (for a small fee).

After the install, you will now be able to log in to your admin panel where you will be able to choose your template of which they have many to choose from. They even have a template that is an exact copy of Myspace if that interests you.

Personally, I am grateful to have PHPFox. It would have taken close to a year and $5000+ to develop the script on my own. The software certainly is not perfect (none I have found is). Even the largest software companies release their software with updates and patches to come later on.

PhpFox has certainly has given my business the ability for a quick entry into a particular niche market. It may not be perfect, but it’s by far the best script in it’s class that I’ve seen.

About the Author:
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