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The ABC’s of Blogging

Author Christiane Raharitsifa

The ABC’s of Blogging

As a SME or NPO, your web marketing manager has advised you to have a blog. Now you are asking yourself several questions: What is a blog, what is its role, what do you put in a blog, and how do you set up and maintain one? Look no further, you can find the answers to your questions below!

What is a blog?

If you already have a website informing your potential customers of your business and its products or services, a blog will complement your website. A blog will give you the opportunity to provide chronological information regarding your industry, thus attracting a wider range of customers. A blog is more dynamic and is intended for reader interaction, and like social media, it allows your readers to provide feedback or to share their views by clicking on the contents of your blog.

What content do we put in a blog?

General information about your company should be available on your website since it is the presentation of your company, your skills, your business, your services, and your contacts. This information is updated only when necessary. In a blog, the content will be boundless. You can give news and updates regarding your industry. You can also share various concepts, principles and values that you advocate. Some businesses and nonprofit organizations use it as a diary, hence bringing their customers or people supporting their cause closer. All this can be done in the form of an article, a video, a photo or an essay.

How to set up a blog?

There are a large number of blog platforms on the internet. While some are more for personal use, hence their popularity, others are ideal for professional use. These platforms include the use of statistical tools which assess the impact of the blog on its target users and can also be used to establish web marketing strategies in order to achieve specific goals. With the help of a webmaster and a graphic designer, a business or a nonprofit organization has the ability of customizing a pre-designed blog on a platform. Similar to the creation of a website, the setup of a blog requires a toolbar and the organization of different sections and categories. A professional website will have a domain name, which will then be used as its identity.

How to maintain a blog?

Unlike a website, the aim of a blog is to build customer loyalty. Thus, it is important that readers can follow via RSS or through a link from an ad on a social network. Maintaining a blog requires regular updating to keep the information flowing and its readers interested. Not only does this apply to the frequent publication of articles relating to the company’s activities, but also applies to the interaction between the blogger and its readers. Taking the time to moderate and respond to comments helps keep a blog running smoothly and is a very important task. If a blog is popular enough, the company or organization may be required to open a web moderator position or use the services of a web moderator.

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