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The most important obstacles to avoid in creating a SEO friendly website

The most important obstacles to avoid in creating a SEO friendly website
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Building a SEO friendly website is all about creating quality content with top of the line web design. Creating your own website is not easy, especially if you have huge plans on getting the site ranked on Google for several competitive keywords. Search engine optimization can be done on any website, but it is always best to get your site SEO friendly as you start building the site from scratch, whether you are using WordPress or any other platform.

You’re about to learn about some of the most important obstacles that you want to avoid when creating a website that is SEO friendly.

The most important obstacles to avoid in creating a SEO friendly website are:

Forgetting Keywords

When you are building your site, you will need to invest in a domain name which is going to be the URL of your website. You may want to consider putting your main key phrase in that URL if it’s possible. The reason behind this is that the keyword alone in your URL can make a huge difference on your results, provided that the keyword is possible to rank for. It’s important to remember this with the pages of your site as well. When you make a blog post, try and rank one blog post for several phrases, but don’t always expect to go for the most high search volume phrases. You want to aim somewhat for the possible keywords so that you don’t waste your time.

Going For Huge And Competitive Keywords

Do not try and invest your time and hard earned money ranking for phrases like, “weight loss” or “make money online.” Those key phrases are not only overdone and way too competitive, it could take you maybe several years before you ever show up in the first several pages of those key phrases. In fact, if you want to gain a real following, search “buyer” keywords. In other words, research what words your visitors would be typing in if they were ready to invest in your product, course, or training system. Even if you weren’t going to sell anything, you still want to get people to invest their energy on feeling strong emotions when finding your website.

Never Adding Your Social Media Platforms And Allowing People To Share

Your website is your source for leading people to your social media platforms. Make sure that your site leads people to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, and other important platforms of your business. It also pays off to invest in a plugin if you happen to be using WordPress that can help with sharing your content. When you have an article added or a new blog post is up, people should be able to click two buttons and get it to share to their friends and family. Many WordPress plugins offer this ability. Several hosting companies may offer this as well. Getting more shares on social networks will only help benefit you with gaining more link juice from Google. Social networks like Facebook play a pivotal role in the world of SEO.

Bad Content

You never want to end up creating a beautiful website with great design only to end up with horrible content. The phrase is very true, “Content Is King.” Google and their guidelines have made it very clear that content is so important. Google pays attention to the content you post on your website. The main static pages of your website should also share content that your readers of the keywords you ranked for actually want to read. Do not just use tons of different keywords without actually creating unique content. Provide readers with articles that share information that your readers would type in to Google to learn more about your market or niche.

Manipulation Of The Search Engines

Do not create a website that manipulates the search engines. Avoid trying to fill your page with tons of keywords written throughout your site in hopes that Google SERPS will notice the phrases on your site. Do not attempt to cloak pages on your site or place “crawler only” pages. You want every page of yours to be seen by visitors. Some people try to hide certain pages. If your website has links or pages you want hidden from viewers, the system at Google may suspect that those pages are deceptive. Any kind of black hat techniques to build your site is only going to backfire. Stay as natural in the eyes of search engines as much as possible, and you will truly have a site that gets ranked successfully.

Creating Content For Search Engines Not People

Do not create content for the search engines. Some people may write content for the search engines using tons of keywords in a trifle that clearly do not make sense in hopes that Google will notice the high keyword density. This does not benefit your site in any bay. Create content for your visitors first, and then optimize for the search engines later on. Google awards sites with quality rankings every single time if website owners abide by the rules.

When you create a website, you will find that it can be hard to get it ready to be ranked on Google. Google has high expectations of what to rank before they actually decide who to rank high. The ability to maintain top quality content is even more important now that Google employs people every single day to scope out different keywords and find websites ranking on page one that do not deserve to be ranked. This makes it even harder to get to the top and maintain that ranking.

If you want to create a website that gets ranked, follow the list above of the things you want to avoid doing or dealing with. Many obstacles can be beaten by simply choosing the right web hosting provider, investing in the right WordPress plugins, and also providing the best content possible.

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