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The New Google Adwords Guide

Author: David Winter
The New Google Adwords Guide
Year 2007 and let’s face it, lot’s of information about Adwords and PPC marketing is out dated. Google has made so many changes to it’s Adwords system that all the guides are worthless now.

Many successful advertisers that used to make $10,000 and more every month lost their business in a day. All because if the ‘Google Slap’ which many people don’t understand. Google changes are forcing people to change their strategies, create new ideas and find other ways to earn revenue on the Internet.

But there are pretty easy steps to continue working with Adwords and making a living out of it. I would like to share a few that some of you may already know.


Adwords game is easy, if you’re relevant to what you’re selling, Google will reward you and your conversion rates will increase.


Google likes content, either you use Adsense or Adwords, Google wants relevant content which leads to lower CPC and higher rankings.


Always test, one ad may not work, one ad may not be as relevant as you think it is. So you always have to test and see what works better and what doesn’t.

To understand the new Adwords system, to make it easier for you, to prevent from struggling you must always expand your knowledge in this industry. As you know knowledge – power. Learn, implement, test and decide what works and what doesn’t. Also try figuring out why it didn’t work for you instead of quitting.

About the Author:
David Winter is a successful full-time Adwords marketer and is the owner of http://www.moneywithadwords.com – The New 2007 Google Adwords Guide. Stop the struggle now!

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