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The Question Remains, How Do You Get Those Quality Back Links?

Author: Daryl Putnam
The Question Remains How Do You Get Those Quality BackLinks
“Have other relevant sites link to yours.”  That’s the first thing listed in the Google webmaster guidelines. So, according to google, quality links are the most important aspect of web site optimization.

Everyone knows that Google determines the importance (social status or position) of a web site by the number of relevant, quality sites that link to that site. Back links are also called incoming links, inbound links, in links, and inward links. The most valuable link in terms of SEO, is the much sought after and extremely rare, one way link.

Everybody who has ever researched SEO knows that back links are the ticket. The problem is getting them.

Here’s the dilemma. You are a new (low quality, I’m sorry but its true) site trying to get quality sites to link back to you. But, uppity, quality web sites don’t want to link back to you. Why, because their is no benefit to linking back to your lowly, non-quality site.

Some are even afraid they may be penalized for linking to a low ranking site and just don’t want to risk jeopardizing their serp’s. And then there are some that just enjoy watching you squirm.

So, the question still remains, how do you get those good back links? The truth is, nobody knows. There is no tried and true method for getting a quality site to link to you. The best we can do is try and hope for the best.

A method often used, but is rapidly losing popularity, is to submit your site to web site directories. There are many directories on the Internet that accept web site submissions. Some are free and some charge a fee to list a web site. Do a search for free directories and submit your site to the proper (relevant) category in each directory. Take care to follow the submission guidelines or you may not be listed.

Another is paid inclusion into directories. You can pay as little as a $15 one time fee to as much as $299 a year to Yahoo. The jury is still out on this one.

Next is the please, please, please method. This method is a little hard to swallow but probably works the best. You just send a mushy email to the webmaster of sites that you wish to link to telling them how wonderful their site is and how a back link from them would change your life. Some will, some won’t. Its worth a try.

Don’t join link farms or pay a web site that promises oodles of back links. They don’t work and will probably get you in trouble with the major search engines.

These methods will help but you can’t depend solely on the whims of others. The best way to get quality, relevant links coming in to your site is by creating your own quality web site. Work to create a high quality, information rich site and the links will come.

About the Author:
Daryl is the creator of the popular web site Web Essentials and other web based educational Internet sites. He is also the author of numerous authoritative articles on web design and development topics. To learn more about web development visit Web Essentials at http://www.pro-dezign.com

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