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The Top 11 Pinterest Tools for Blogs and Businesses

Author: Tina Courtney-Brown
The Top 11 Pinterest Tools for Blogs and Businesses
In just a few short years, social network dynamo Pinterest has taken over the art of visual shares. Many still hold the opinion that Pinterest only attracts a limited (mostly female) audience – rest assured its demographic has grown substantially in the last 2 years, with more growth on the horizon.

Pinterest is a fantastic platform to showcase your business in a visual format, and statistics show it’s a very powerful marketing tool – over 60 percent of brands are now using it to expand brand awareness.

If you’re ready to jump into the Pinterest scene, or to substantially expand your reach, the tools below will help you achieve the results you’re after.

1) Piqora

If you’re blogging and marketing your business with the aid of Pinterest, Piqora is a goldmine. When you’re ready to launch a promotion, use Piqora to track your analytics and content and to schedule your pins. Piqora also showcases a feature called Pinner360, which helps businesses identify their most prominent and engaged pinners, thereby making it easy to connect with top brand advocates. Don’t schedule another marketing campaign on Pinterest without this tool.

2) Pinstamatic

In order to stand out from the masses on Pinterest, brands have to use images that have that extra edge and appeal. Pinstamatic is just the solution to give your pictures a boost. With Pinstamatic, you can add things like quotations and taglines to your images, and even transform them into charming sticky notes. Pinstamatic ensures your boards are never boring, and offers a slew of tools to make them feel more polished, friendly, and eye-catching. Here’s a crafty tip: Use Pinstamatic to insert a map on your board, which, when clicked, links to your business location on Google Maps.

3) PinBooster

If you’re a Pinterest advertiser, PinBooster is another must-have. This dynamic tool allows a business to compensate top supportive pinners that endorse its social presence. PinBooster also makes it easy for marketers to share new content, like blog posts and videos, immediately with their brand ambassadors. These shares not only help empower your super fans, they also assist in broadening your overall brand reach as well. PinBooster helps to generate leads, and if you are a heavy pinners yourself, you can also get paid to pin for other brands as well.

4) Pinpuff

Want to measure your Pinterest influence? Pinpuff is the tool for the job. Pinpuff tracks usage through “pinfluence marks,” giving you an accurate gauge about your overall reach and ability to influence the Pinterest space. The tool also sheds light on which boards and pins are effective, and which ones are not pulling their weight. This kind of data is essential for effective Pinterest marketing efforts.

5) Shopinterest

For those looking to create a Pinterest shopping experience, Shopinterest is a jewel. In just a few minutes, businesses can launch a branded Pinterest store, allowing pins to generate sales.

6) Postris (Formerly Pinly)

If you’re going to make a significant splash on Pinterest, you need to know what’s trending, and who is blazing a trail. Postris gives marketers an inside view on the most popular pins, boards, and pinners. Postris also lets users peruse through popular brands (sorted by category), and it empowers marketers to increase user engagement while expanding their overall reach. Good stuff indeed!

7) ShareAsImage

Pinterest isn’t just about fancy images; quotes are all the rage as well. ShareAsImage is a marvelous browser extension that lets users create attractive picture quotes instantly. You can generate these from any webpage or file. Interspersing these quotes with your graphic images is a great way to expand the value and intrigue of your boards.

8) WooBox

While many marketers are new to Pinterest, almost everyone has a Facebook presence these days. If you’re looking to seamlessly integrate these two platforms, WooBox can help. They offer a Pinterest Tab tool that enables users to connect their Facebook community and encourage them to follow related Pinterest boards. Since Pinterest currently only allows personal Facebook profiles to link with its accounts, WooBox is a godsend for Facebook business page managers.

9) Wisestamp

Email signatures can be powerful tools to help expand your social reach. Wisestamp is a must-have tool to assist in creating gorgeous, graphical email signatures with links to all your major social pages, including Pinterest boards.

10) ViralTag

Looking to schedule pins in advance? Then ‘ViralTag is your new favorite Pinterest tool. With ViralTag, marketers can schedule pins in bulk, covering multiple boards, accounts, and platforms. ViralTag also connects with HootSuite to enable Pro users to schedule pins directly from its dashboard. ViralTag has a free trial followed by 4 premium service plans, ranging from $4.99 all the way up to $150 a month.

11) Pinwoot

If you’re a new Pinterest user, Pinwoot will rock your world. This tool helps you grow your followers significantly through a simple process they call “seeds”. Pinwoot seeds are granted as you follow other peoples’ boards. You can then giveaway these seeds to other folks, who then become your followers. The key to Pinwoot’s usefulness is the high-quality followers they offer – this is far better than bulk purchasing followers, because you’re more likely to find folks that are truly engaged in your offerings by using Pinwoot.

Did your favorite Pinterest tools make the list? Let us know in the Comments if there are more tools you can’t live without.

About the Author:
Tina Courtney-Brown Digital producer, game designer, Internet marketer of the Web’s foremost webmaster and tech news blogs, Tina Courtney-Brown has been shaping online businesses since 1996. She’s produced and marketed innovative content for major players like Disney, as well as boutique startups galore, with fortes including social media, SEO, massively multiplayer games, social networks and project management. Tina is also a certified Reiki practitioner, herbalist, nonprofit director and true cooking diva. Learn more at her personal website, or find her on Facebook and Google+.

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