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Tips For Creating A Powerful Landing Page

Author: Joann Zarick
Tips For Creating A Powerful Landing Page
Often times paid search advertising campaigns are launched by pay-per-click do-it-yourselfers without proper education or knowledge on just how important your landing page is. This is evident by the fact that so many of them use the homepage of their web site or another page on their site as a landing page. Only in certain instances can the homepage of a website act as a landing page.

Many do-it-yourselfers fail to realize two things. The first is that their landing page is the single most important page of their web site as it relates to converting a click to a desired profitable action and two, the success (or failure) of an paid search campaign rises and falls by the conversion rates and as a result, the utmost attention needs to be given to the landing page especially when it’s the recipient of paid traffic.

Tip #1: Do not use your index page (homepage) of your web site as a landing page. By using the homepage of your site as a landing page, you are giving the Internet user a palette of choices in the form of navigational links. This in turns encourages them to surf and explore rather than the desired action of converting them to make a purchase, opt in or sign up for a newsletter, etc.

Tip #2: You want to optimize your landing page for conversions by adding core keywords to the verbiage of your landing page. This will almost always raise conversion rates. Remember, the object is not to achieve a high page rank in Google, the object is to convert the user to your desired action whether that is to make a purchase, sign up, opt in, etc. You must create your landing page with that mind and not distract your visitors by offering links to other areas of your website.

Tip #3: Advertise a clear message on your landing page. Keep it simple, don’t bombard your visitor with too much word clutter. Be sure to use one or two simple ideas conveyed by large text and some images. Be sure to place things of importance near the top of the page and create your landing page with the assumption that people will be viewing your page with 800 x 600 resolution because this is the norm.

Lastly, you want your landing page to have a clear call to action. The words you choose for your landing page should reflect and entice them to that action with big bold colorful buttons. For example: “Buy Now” or “Sign Up Now”, “Start 10-Day Free Trial Now”, and so on. Your call to action should be prominent and repeated several times if necessary. Bottom line is you must make it easy for people to do what you want them to do or they will never do it.

About the Author:
JoAnn Zarick is Owner and Founder of PPC by Design, a search marketing firm specializing in pay per click management services for companies who do not have the internal resources, skills, or time necessary to effectively manage a ppc campaign themselves. http://www.ppcbydesign.com

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