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Top 10 Responsive Designs For Your Drupal Website

Top 10 Responsive Designs For Your Drupal Website
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You can build virtually any website with the comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) Drupal. It’s known among website developers to be a professional and powerful CMS, capable of handling advanced scripts and functions. The best way to get started making a website in Drupal is to purchase Drupal hosting, that is, web hosting compatible with and optimized for Drupal. Once you’ve selected a hosting plan all you need to get started is great Drupal design theme you’re your website is to be modern and accessible from mobile devices, you’ll definitely want a responsive design. Check out these top 10 responsive Drupal design themes to get your site started today.

1. Solaris

This theme is a great starting place for any business website. It’s responsive and has a well-designed background, menu and image slider. It contains several modules for articles, thumbnails and testimonials. This theme uses a textured background for a more custom look and a large footer that can contain plenty of information about your business. Pick this theme if you need an instantly professional website design.

2. FontFolio

FontFolio is a Drupal 8 theme that works best for personal and artistic websites. It uses portfolio style displays to host your content in a creative showcasing. With Drupal hosting and a folder full of content you can create a professional online portfolio using this theme in just a few hours. FontFolio includes social network icons for easy sharing.

3. Volar

The Volar theme for Drupal is fully responsive. It uses a one-page template for a minimalist design that works great on mobile. With parallax scrolling, this theme will be easy to use on any smartphone or tablet. When installing Volar, you will have the choice of 15 different color schemes, making it a perfect option for those with a general color scheme in mind, or those wanting to test different colors.

4. Foundry

Foundry is a popular theme for Drupal 8. It can be used for business or personal websites, as it’s highly customizable. This Drupal website design includes several landing pages, which is great for one-product sites or converting advertising leads to sales. Foundry contains 90 reusable blocks and over a dozen color options.

5. Progressive

This simple, multi-purpose Drupal 7/8 theme is a must have for any web designer. Progressive is a Bootstrap theme that uses HTML5 and CSS. It can be used to create engaging, interesting websites, because it contains over 80 user interface elements. Progressive includes Ubercart for creating online stores within your Drupal website.

6. Events

Events is a Drupal 7 and 8 design from Theme Brain. It’s perfect for event-based websites for artists, musicians, community planners and churches. Use this stunning design to create well-structured pages for your events and organizations. Events is fully responsive and social-sharing friendly, with a ‘Guest Speakers’ section and plenty of reusable content blocks.

7. Drupal Blog

When it comes to blogging, WordPress isn’t the only game in town. You can actually create an even more customizable blog with this powerful Drupal 8 theme. This theme is designed for responsive blogging, and uses editable HTML5 and CSS3. It offers a 1 or 2-column layout option and adjustable sidebar. Use this theme to create a blog that really stands out in the blogosphere. This theme has pre-installed icons for sharing your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social networks.

8. Travel Agency

This specialized niche theme is made for Travel Agencies and other service based businesses. It will work great with any business plan that offers tiered services. You can use this site to create catalogues of your products or host a client portal with self-pay options. Travel Agency is a great Drupal design that includes a set of high-definition stock photos.

9. Cano

Cano is a well-designed Drupal theme that stands out from the others on this list. One unique feature of this theme is the dual image sliders that display on the front page by default. These are great for entertainment websites, travel businesses and other applications where lots of images need to be displayed. It’s a full width site with over 2-dozen flexible regions. This is a great choice for any modern, entertaining website.

10. Tico

Tico is a premium business theme for Drupal 8. It’s fully responsive and based on the Bootstrap framework. This theme is quality checked by the respected Envato system and specializes in SEO. Use this serious business theme if you want to take an aggressive, comprehensive marketing approach and land your website among the top search engine rankings.

Drupal can be used to build any corporate or personal website or blog. It’s capable of handling dozens of plugins and modules simultaneously, and is an especially good choice for sites that may need to scale up later. Installing one to these top 10 responsive designs on your website will give it the head-start you need to compete on the modern web.

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