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Top Ten Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Author: Alevoor Rajagopal
Top Ten Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization
Although Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to good ranking in Search Engine results, sometimes a few things are overlooked and this results in either lowering your rankings or maybe even that your site could be blocked. Take a look at the top ten mistakes in website optimization.

1.) Keyword Spamming: Just increasing the number of appearances of the Keywords in your text doesn’t guarantee a good ranking. This is also known as Keyword Spamming. Hence the keyword density which is the ratio of the number of occurrences of the keyword to the total number of words in the text should be optimal without giving it an unnatural appeal.

2.) Not all search engines are same: Popular search engines like Yahoo!, MSN and Google, never use the same algorithm for search engine techniques. If you are having more hits from MSN, then it is better to SEO your site according to MSN. Though sometimes a few things could be common.

3.) Poor Titles: When a search engine lists the results usually the top 10 in order, ensure an enticing title, related to your keywords, to catch the attention of the reader.

4.) Not getting good links: Backlinking your site or getting a site directing to your webpage helps a lot. Links from better quality sites is considered to have greater value than links from ordinary sites.

5.) Relying on Meta tags: The text within the Meta tags is not visible to the reader when the page is viewed through a browser but read only by the search engine. This is no longer entirely used for SEO. It was found be misused by website owners, insert misleading words about their pages or use excessive repetition of words in hopes of getting higher ranks. So also with “h tags”.

6.) No Marketing Plan: If you are unaware of who your prospects are and what they want, mere rankings will not help you.

7.) Not Thinking Beyond SEO: After getting a visitor to your site, ensure that you serve their needs, so that your SEO effort and expense has been worthwhile.

8.) Just submitting is enough: No. Mere submission of your site to a Search Engine doesn’t ensure you rankings and regular hits.

9.) Need to submit my site to 1000 search engines: This is a myth.

10.) Time consuming and expensive: If you are innovative and think differently keeping in mind what your customers want, you can design your own site freely. Further, submission to search engines is always free and doesn’t cost anything, contrary to the claims of certain marketing companies.

Mistakes in search engine optimization can be decisive and fatal, so take a comprehensive look before getting into the thick of optimizing your website.

About the Author:
Alevoor Rajagopal is an MBA and an industry reputed consultant for search engine optimization matters. He advises freely at practical search engine optimization tips.

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