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Top Tips for Search Engine Friendly Web Site Designing

Author: Mridu Sinha

Designing a website that also ranks well in search engine results is a job that requires a blend of art, creativity and optimization. Wondering what a web site designing has got to do with the optimization of a web site or its ranking, then I must tell you that 40% of ranking positions are increase because of web site design.

Web site designing is not restricted to Photoshop and Fireworks, rather a good website designer must build a superior architecture of the website. Below are few features that a web site designer must take care of while designing a website.

1. Do not use browser specific functions, as all users may not have the same browser installed on their machine.

2. Use small and less images, if it is mandatory to use bigger images then slice them and keep in mind point 1.

3. Always mention the height and width of the images in the code part. It helps browser calculate the space needed to be left for the images and the rest of the page can get downloaded faster.

4. Do not forget to put ALT tag on all images, sometimes few images are unable to appear especially if the connection is slow.

5. Try to keep the average page size less than 30 KB. On an optimum basis the page should not take longer than 5 sec to download.

6. Try to avoid “Mystery Meat Navigation”. Keep your links highlighted so that user at least knows where to click to navigate to other pages. Try to keep navigation easy for users.

7. Display the path of the pages on the navigation to help user know where they are.

8. Keep the design simple and soothing. Colors that are too bright and too many flashes may distract the users, beyond making your site too slow.

9. Do not use too much plug-ins and fancy fonts. Sometimes user may not have installed the fonts you are using on your webpage in that case your page will appear to him in ‘Times New Roman’.

10. You can split your page in two or more tables for fast processing. Like you can put header in one table, body in another and footer in the third table. This will help some part of the page (with small table) to download especially with slow connections, inspiring the user to become more patient.

Thus it makes sense that designing a website in not enough. It should score up to certain requirements in order to rank fast and high in the search engine results. With many new or existing businesses wishing to exploit the incredible potential of the internet, it is important to have a professionally designed and maintained web site. You must get your site w3c certified in order to be search engine friendly. A w3c certified site can be easily crawled by the search engines. Now time has arrived to improve your site design and results and increase your traffic and ROI.

About the Author:
Written by M S (Mridu Sinha), a web site designer and developer in web site design company New Delhi. Get FREE and expert opinions on your website with the best web site designer in New Delhi. As a professional web site designer has designed a lot of sites that ranks well in search engine. She design the web sites according to the search engine policies thus making them more search engine friendly. You can also join her online club for web site design company New Delhi.

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