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What are the best web hosting options for a growing website?

Many small businesses are getting their presence online through many channels such as social media and websites. However, there is one thing that they normally overlook when it comes to websites and web hosting. With time, a business will grow, and this comes with challenges. If the right web hosting company is not selected carefully, there is bound to be problems. Many factors influence how a website is developed. However, its performance is largely determined by the server it runs on. A server will determine a website’s performance in terms of loading speed, security, and availability. This directly affects how the business interacts with its users/customers. When a business gets to the point of selecting a web hosting solution, the task may not be easy as there are many out there. The services they offer are not same. Below are some of the best web hosting options that a growing business should consider.

GreenGeeks best web hosting options
GreenGeeks stands out from most web hosting companies as they are committed to be an environmentally friendly hosting company. They offer web hosting services with unlimited web space and data transfer, secure email accounts, free web migration, and unlimited domains on one account. If your business website is developed using Joomla or WordPress, you are covered as you get free one-click install, unlimited web space and data transfer, and free migration. The servers are optimized for both Joomla and WordPress. One of their key features that will benefit a growing business is the web space and data transfer. With this option, a business that is growing can have as many domains and subdomains as they want, including add-ons and parked domains. GreenGeeks has taken into consideration that most small business may not have sufficient resources to buy business email accounts and search directory listings. Therefore, they offer these services to such businesses for free, but note that they are capped to some limit. They also don’t charge for set-up, domain name and domain migration. As a business grows, they can pay for the services that are limited when offered for free in ways that suit them and choose either VPS hosting or a dedicated server hosting. With VPS hosting, a business will get dedicated resources and flexibility. But if there is need for extreme performance and flexibility, dedicated hosting is the best.
Whether your business is small with a website that is built using Joomla or a custom made website, InMotion has you covered. They have some services that are very similar to what GreenGeeks offers. Apart from Joomla, they also support WordPress and PrestaShop frameworks. Businesses can also create their custom applications with SSH and develop using PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL. With their VPS hosting, a business does not need to worry as it grows. InMotion gives their customers that have bought VPS hosting services the ability to scale in a flexible and reliable way. This service is further enhanced by their new improved SSD VPS plans. The one thing that you get with InMotion that GreenGeeks does not offer is cloud services. With cloud services, a business is ensured of high-availability. As a business, you have access support at any time and free server management.
The key strength of SiteGround is that it is integrated with CloudFare which gives sites hosted with this company a very high performance and security. Besides the performance aspects, with SiteGround, a business is assured their data is automatically backed up. If your business is experiencing very high traffic from particular regions, you can choose the server location nearby for enhanced performance. They also have excellent support materials on their website and customer service. They only fail when it comes to storage space and bandwidth. If your business website is developed using WordPress, they offer managed WordPress plans so that small business can easily handle the latest whoozits and whazits.
Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies because they have a lot of features to offer, especially for a growing business. With Bluehost, customers get unlimited domain hosting, email account, GB transfer, and hosting space. Their main strength that businesses can take advantage of are the strong security features. As the business grows, so do their customers and their information. Most of the information is very personal and sensitive. Therefore, it needs to be placed in a very secure location. And since it is online, Bluehost will be one of the best web hosting company to consider. They have several security tools like the admin password, secure FTP, frequent server backups, shared and dedicated SSL certificates. With Bluehost, a customer gets technical support. What Bluehost is missing is the VPS hosting solution. However, not everyone requires VPS hosting, and there is an option to go for dedicated hosting.
Web uptime is very important when it comes to web hosting, especially for websites with very high traffic. Downtime of a few minutes may be costly for a business. That is why it is good to choose a web hosting company that is ready to offer support in such situations. This is where Hostgator outshines other web hosting companies. With Hostgator, a business is assured of high tech support via phone, email, social media, and live chat. They also have blogs and forums that offer additional information. Hostgator understands the needs of small growing businesses, and that is why they have a business plan bundle. With the business plan, a business gets an unlimited domain, bandwidth, private SSL and IP address and a toll-free number.
This web hosting company is best suited for businesses that want a balance between price and web hosting features. However, if you are familiar with web administration, then Dreamhost is the best web hosting company. The things you can do are many. However, their main area of strength is security. They have lots of web hosting security features. In addition to that, they offer extensive domain management tools, VPS hosting, unlimited bandwidth and cloud storage. Just like SiteGround, it offers managed WordPress services.
Choosing a web hosting company can be intimidating. Even choosing from the best web hosting options reviewed above may not be easy. However, if you know the business needs, it becomes very easy to decide which one will offer the best solution for your website. If security is the main interest, go for those that are security focused.

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