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Where I am?

Author: Naveen Kumar

Join the bandwagon of webmasters who have tried this new concept for making better website navigation.  Some people might laugh if I talk to them about something as simple as “navigation” after being eleven years in to the web era.

I have seen a lot of web designers having profound proficiency in web designing, but still making mistakes in this fundamental area. On a web site, “navigation” does not mean a bunch of links.

Navigation is, like rest of vital elements of website, that communicate with users and guide them to desired locations on the website. Your homepage is a “Book” and navigation constitutes the chapters in that book.

Your website runs like a “Movie”. It has an enticing story to tell: a great beginning, detailed middle part and dramatically ending.

Similarly Navigation has three parts, which are used to interact with users about their past, present and future. A great navigation should provide simple answers to the top 3 questions every user has when he visits some website first time:

1) Where I am actually? (Present)
2) Where to go from here? (Future)
3) Where I was before accessing this website? (Past)

And here is a test: Go to any website you haven’t visited before. Open its homepage then see if this website answers your three basic questions without looking at the URL or mouse overing the links to see where they point. Check of you can tell you present, past and future easily. Even in this advanced age of web world, most websites fail.

Miracle Studios. In (Professional web design company in India) analyzes and design website purely based on this theme. We design simple navigation that does not lead to confusions.

Don’t consider your websites navigation as bunch of links. These are the important milestones that show direction to your visitors.

About the Author:
Naveen Kumar is a Professional SEo and content writer in India.

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