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Which version of WordPress is right for your small business?

Which version of WordPress is right for your small business?
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In the beginning there was only one WordPress; however, today, there are many different kinds of WordPress options that you can incorporate into your website today. In order to determine the best option for your business, you need to know exactly what each option can give you.

Below are the major versions of WordPress so that you can make an appropriate decision as to the version that will be best for your small business.

The Full Version of WordPress

This is the version of WordPress that you are usually thinking of when you say WordPress. It is the version of WordPress that is available for immediate download at the official website of the WordPress platform. This version of the platform is completely free of charge. It is also incredibly easy to install even for the novice webmaster does not have a great deal of experience setting up a website.

As a matter of fact, this version of paste that is designed specifically to be used by the average webmaster. All that you really need is a website with MySQL and PHP. If this is beginning to sound a bit over your head, do not worry. Both of these platforms usually come bundled into a website package.

There may be additional requirements depending upon the type of website that you are looking to install; however, most of the requirements are in the package that you will download from the WordPress website. With this tool on your side, you can literally have your website up and running in a matter of minutes no matter what industry you are looking to do business in. You also have the ability to expand your website as your knowledge of web development increases. You can learn CSS, PHP or HTML in order to add to the immediate feature set of your website at any time.

The Hosted Blog of WordPress.com

Suppose you are not looking to download any additional software onto your hard drive. WordPress has an option for you at WordPress.com. The free-hosted blog that you can easily begin using here will keep you from having to place any new software on your hard drive. It is a great option for people who are looking to start small with a blog. You can literally have yourself up and running within a couple of minutes after going to the website.

WordPress.com is the place where the WordPress company tests out new features that will be rolled out for the full version of WordPress in future iterations of the product. This means that people who are using WordPress.com are actually on the cutting edge of the latest applications and integrated technologies for blogging and many other forms of online business. If you have a bit of experience being a webmaster, you can actually use this knowledge to your benefit in many other areas as well.

Because the website is hosted, you should not expect the most robust security options. However, WordPress has some of the safest servers of any online blogging platform in the world. The platform is also incredibly stable, so you never have to worry about attracting an audience and then hosting a 404 screen.

The WordPress Blog Network

The option mentioned above is not the only option for bloggers that WordPress has in its repertoire. If you want to create an entire blog network instead of a single blog, then you can do just that. This service was previously known as WordPressMU, and it is often used by companies, organizations or member sites in order to give many people the ability to blog about a central theme all at one time.

This network has a hierarchy that a company can use for a form of internal checks and balances that is separate from the security features of the network itself. Each network will have its own subdomain farm that all have the same root directory, an organizational structure that is easy to figure out and use. Although it is very easy to use, it is also one of the most powerful network platforms available to the general public because of its ability to grow with new technology.

Hosted WordPress

Many different web hosting platforms have actually begun to work alongside WordPress instead of trying to compete with it directly. These WordPress hosting options all come preinstalled within the infrastructure of the other hosting platform.

This is a great option for business owners who are already familiar with a web hosting platform that is not necessarily WordPress. You will be able to install WordPress with a single click. You will be able to have automatic updates instead of waiting and searching for the latest apps.

When you combine WordPress with a familiar web host, then you gain more powers of customization than you would with just the hosting platform by itself. You can cycle through the various WordPress Themes and Plugins as easily as if you had created and coded them yourself.

The choice of the WordPress platform that you will choose has to do with the amount of time, manpower and expertise that you have to invest in web development. There is a solution even for the smallest of companies, even those with only a single employee. However, you can also find the right solution for an enterprise level company that is looking to expand its scope internationally.

Make sure that you go through all of the versions above before making a final choice for your small business. However, be sure that you never overlook any of the newest additions to the WordPress family. There is always something new going on when it comes to WordPress, and it definitely benefits your small business to know about all of the latest additions to the platform.

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