The Three Essentials for Staying Safe while Blogging

One of the bi-products of running a successful blog or website (or a series of them) is that people often come to you for advice. Most of us are happy to help the newbies who are just now figuring out how to blog, even if it means answering the same questions over and over again. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve helped my new proteges get up and running is that many of them aren’t asking the right questions. New bloggers all want to build beautiful and fun and popular sites. Very few of them, strangely enough, are worried about building sites that are secure.

In today’s internet age, security is more important than it ever was. Nefarious types don’t need expensive or extensive setups to hack your site anymore. All they need is a barely web-competent phone and before you know it, *poof*! All of that hard work is down the drain or, worse, suddenly attributed to someone else while a pile of terrible and worrisome stuff sits on your server instead.

How To Get Your Blog Exposed Using Guest Blogging The Right Way

Author: George C Simeon Snr

There are many different ways to increase the online exposure of your blog, but not all of them are effective in producing real results. However, if implemented correctly, the guest-blogging method can produce quality backlinks and help you gain unprecedented exposure online. The only trick is learning how to get your blog exposed using guest-blogging the right way without being penalized.

Simply writing countless guest-articles for general sites will not produce optimal results. You must have a plan of attack that allows you to maximize your potential and really increase your viewership. First, you must be aware of the real advantages attainable through the guest-blogging method. The three main benefits of this increased exposure method include a substantial increase in quality traffic, an influx of potential subscribers and credible backlink building opportunities.

Search Ranking Solutions for Disgruntled Website Owners

Author: Marilyn Bontempo

Regardless of what the “experts” say, the obsession for top organic rankings in search results continues to proliferate among every client I represent. Everyone is incensed at their loss of top placement whether their websites were tainted by “black hat” practices or not. Most of those with the biggest drop in SERPS claim innocence in that regard but in working with them and examining their Google Webmaster Tools’ and Analytics’ accounts, I have reason to believe otherwise.

Top 10 Must-Have Marketing Tools in Today’s Digital World

Author: Tina Courtney-Brown

Marketing online is serious business, and without tools that support your mission, your campaigns don’t stand a chance. While you could wade through the massive volume of marketing tools currently available in this dynamic and fast-paced space, we aim to simplify the process by presenting you with today’s best suite of products.

You already know about must-haves like WordPress, Google Analytics, and SEOMoz – keep reading to find out what modern tools you may not be aware of that can literally change your business life for the better.

PageRank: Is It Still Important?

Author: Tina Courtney-Brown 

Since the advent of search engines, businesses have always strived to be top dog. From a PageRank perspective, this meant scoring the highest number possible, achieved through the art of link building. As time has progressed, the world of SEO and PageRank have become increasingly complex; so much so, some of the factors are no longer as crucial to your business’s success. PageRank lands somewhere in the middle – it’s still important, but it probably won’t make or break you. That’s good news to the masses of companies who have watched their PageRanks take a tumble, especially as the rules have changed.

So why exactly do PageRanks decline, and is it worth the effort in maintaining a high score?

5 Key Components of Every Successful Blog

Author: TJ Philpott

A successful blog is one that has a steady and growing flow of return visitors! Of course the most important component of any blog is creating content your readers will love along with making them feel welcomed! Now this may see easier said than done but the fact is your ultimate success will be dependent upon you creating content that is of genuine interest to your readers! Along with what you post you’ll want to create an atmosphere that oozes community giving readers, both new and returning, a sense of belonging!

When you have return visitors you are building a loyal following and in order to do so here are 5 components your blog MUST offer!