What are the best web hosting options for a growing website?

Many small businesses are getting their presence online through many channels such as social media and websites. However, there is one thing that they normally overlook when it comes to websites and web hosting. With time, a business will grow, and this comes with challenges. If the right web hosting company is not selected carefully, there is bound to be problems. Many factors influence how a website is developed. However, its performance is largely determined by the server it runs on. A server will determine a website’s performance in terms of loading speed, security, and availability. This directly affects how the business interacts with its users/customers. When a business gets to the point of selecting a web hosting solution, the task may not be easy as there are many out there. The services they offer are not same. Below are some of the best web hosting options that a growing business should consider.

How to best choose a hosting provider

When you decide to create your own website, one of the most important decisions you can make is your choice of host. There is a lot that goes into this decision, and it will make a big difference to the performance and user experience of your site. In this article, we will explain the basics of how hosting works and talk about what you should look for in a host.

The most important obstacles to avoid in creating a SEO friendly website

Building a SEO friendly website is all about creating quality content with top of the line web design. Creating your own website is not easy, especially if you have huge plans on getting the site ranked on Google for several competitive keywords. Search engine optimization can be done on any website, but it is always best to get your site SEO friendly as you start building the site from scratch, whether you are using WordPress or any other platform.

You’re about to learn about some of the most important obstacles that you want to avoid when creating a website that is SEO friendly.

The most important obstacles to avoid in creating a SEO friendly website are:

Which version of WordPress is right for your small business?

In the beginning there was only one WordPress; however, today, there are many different kinds of WordPress options that you can incorporate into your website today. In order to determine the best option for your business, you need to know exactly what each option can give you.

Below are the major versions of WordPress so that you can make an appropriate decision as to the version that will be best for your small business.

5 Quick SEO Tricks for Your New Website

There is a rumor going around the blogosphere saying search engine optimization( SEO) is dead. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO isn’t dead, it has just evolved to eliminate the effectiveness of black hat techniques like keyword stuffing. Google has developed a set of complex algorithms that put the most valuable and well-written content on the top of the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP). When you learn to make a website, a big part of that is optimizing your site to perform well in the search engines. Here are five quick SEO tricks for your new website.

Ways to Ensure You’ve Chosen the Right Joomla Hosting Provider

When developing a new website using the Joomla platform, it’s common to find yourself tangled in a maze of Joomla hosting options. At the very least, you’ll need a server that can support both MySQL and PHP. Most people new to websites tend to seek a host exclusively on price, but they’ll quickly realize that’s just one of several factors to look into.