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Invision Graphics is dedicated to helping business owners grow a successful business base in the United States & Canada from start-ups to home-based business owners we cover it all.

We have built a library of over 9 business categories since our re-launch in January 1st 2021. Plus we are always working hard to meet the needs of small to large businesses as they need it. Invision Graphics also has a directory of over 0 'Verified Businesses, and several tools to support businesses, through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Marketing of your business is our highest priority and how companies can benefit from emerging technologies. The founders, Rose DesRochers and Shawn DesRochers, are entrepreneurs who live what they write about. The thing that distinguishes Invision Graphics from other online business directories is its primary focus on United States businesses.

Invision Graphics currently has 35,145 Cities, Towns, Villages and Municipalities we support and we are constantly updating our databases to insure we include everyone. However, if we missed one, please let us know by using the contact form.

The Founding Partners

Rose DesRochers, Managing Editor / PR Specialist

Rose is driven by strategy and social media marketing.

Rose has over 10+ years of experience on the Net, with social media marketing and a good understanding of the Internet marketing changes that forever chang the way businesses advertise and get more clients. Her ability to see the changes' keeps her constantly looking forward with theories about where the Internet is going as a medium. In addition, her work and consultation within the small business community has enabled her to understand and meet the needs of the Business community.

Shawn DesRochers, Webmaster / Programmer

Shawn is the guy that builds the software that the Invision Graphics Platform is based on and he makes everything work. He has many achievements including 20+ years experience in Computer Programming.

Shawn is fluent in PHP, MySQL and C++ and he is also a Certified IT and has his MCSE which he has a college degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Where Rose gives ideas and direction into the company, Shawn is the person that makes it all happen. His solid methods of planning and building project management websites enable him to meet the Invision Graphics success.

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